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Do you know anyone that has ever wondered what it would be like to be a designer or dreamed of seeing their awesome artwork on fabric or sewn into a product? Well now is their chance!  This is a great way for an aspiring artist to learn that a simple drawing or a bunch of little drawings can be turned into something big, just like a real textile designer!


Items incuded in packet: 1 pencil, 1 black marker, 1 piece of white paper, directions, color card, customized order form and a pre-paid postage return envelope.


Once artwork is returned to our design studio, it will be turned into a fabric repeat in 4 different colorways. The designer will have a choice beween two different color palettes and if they want 4 sewn scrunchies and fabric yardage in 4 colorways measuring each 7.5" x 18" OR fabric yardage in 4 different colorways measuring 10.5" x 18".


Please allow 4 weeks for artwork to be made into a repeating pattern and fabric samples and/or scrunchies to be sewn and sent back to the "designer."


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